African literatures

If you are the fantasy kind of person then children of blood and bones is a must read for you.
This book written by Tomi Adeyemi talks about Zelie a diviner(a white would be Maji whose powers has been suppressed) from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria who at a very young age remembers the soil of Orisha humming with magic but one night the magic disappears like it had never been there.
Under the order of the Wicked King Saran orders the guard to rid Orisha of all Maji, Zelie watched how her mother was killed by his guards because she was a Maji. Zelie lives with her brother Tzain and her father who I say is at the verge of completely losing his mind. Many years later Zelie bumps into Amari who happen to be king Saran daughter and on the run because she stole a powerful scroll that has the ability to bring magic back to orisha when touched by a diviner. She along with her brother help this girl escape from the guards but soon find out about the scroll. Zelie takes this girl to Mama who confirms the scroll has the power to bring magic back. This scroll restores some of Mama power and she sees the future. So its up to Zelie, Tzain and Amari to bring magic back to Orisha. If that has caught your attention then you should get the book and read it you can find this book on anybooks.
This is just a series in the legacy of Orisha series the next one titled children of virtue and vengence came out Dec 3 2019. I’m still reading the book will tell you all about it when I’m done and I promise you that’s going to be very soon.